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Donating blood is not the only way that you can support NYBC. Donating funds to help advance our research, pouring juice for blood donors, or hosting a blood drive at your organization are all ways that you can get involved.

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Donate Funds

Your support touches the lives of those in need.

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Volunteer With Us

Volunteers play a crucial role in helping NYBC save lives each and every day

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Host a Blood Drive

It’s easy to do, and a New York Blood Center Account Manager will be with you every step of the way.

Who You Help

Jennifer Lentini, Blood and Heart Recipient

At age 13, Jennifer Lentini required many blood transfusions as a heart transplant surgery patient.

Michael O'Hara, Blood Donor

Dedicated blood hero Michael O'Hara is thankful to be able to give life through blood, platelet, and plasma donation.

NYBC Stories: Lauren Shields, Blood and Heart Recipient

A virus attacked Lauren Shields' heart, and she required multiple blood transfusions to survive.

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Saving lives with us on a Saturday?  Your in good company! This is our newest Blood Hound @ellies_adventures18 stopping by to thank and encourage you.  #Repost @ellies_adventures18. #nybloodcenter #newyorkbloodcenter \U0001f489\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f436\n\u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nEllie says donate blood to save lives!  I would donate but they don't take Type DoggO positive\n\n@newyorkbloodcenter
People celebrate their birthday in a lot of ways. @tylermilliron celebrated  his by making future birthdays possible for those who needed him. Thank you Tyler - and all Blood donors helping in the Blood Shortage! \U0001f382\U0001f489\U0001f370\u2764\ufe0f #nybloodcenter #newyorkbloodcenter \u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nSaying goodbye to my twenties by giving!\nIt's the best way to celebrate anything.\nYou should try it \U0001f60e\nThank you for all the work you do @newyorkbloodcenter !
Who saves three lives?  @trickyjenn\nDid! Who made a bow for her bandage? Donor Specialist Andy at Melville. \U0001f489\U0001f380\u2764\ufe0f thank you both! \u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nHey @newyorkbloodcenter  check out the cute bow Andy in the Melville donor center gave me #wrappedwithlove #nybloodcenter #newyorkbloodcenter