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Areas of Need

Give to Research

From bench to bedside, NYBC’s Lindsley F. Kimbell Research Institute (LFKRI) has paved the way for a safer blood supply worldwide. Our world renowned researchers take basic science research and translate those findings into new tools to prevent and control disease.  Financial contributions ensure New York Blood Center stays on the cutting edge of research, working every day to improve patient care.

Give to Programs

  • Everyday Lifesaving Operations (General Operating) - At New York Blood Center saving lives is in their blood. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, NYBC is committed to providing a safe and reliable source of blood and blood products to more than twenty million people we serve each year. Every day, NYBC provides vital patient services that saves and improves lives. Every day, NYBC researchers are challenged to uncover blood science’s most perplexing questions in pursuit of saving and improving even more lives in the future. With this great responsibility and promise, comes a great need.
  • Medical Services - NYBC’s Medical Services provides state-of-the-art transfusion services and highly specialized direct patient care. Cellular therapy, bone marrow, transfusion services, hemophilia services, clinical research and education are all handled by our professional and medical staff who work closely with partnering hospitals to provide better treatment options and improve patient outcomes. 
  • Little Doctors Program™ - Creating blood donors of the future, NYBC’s Little Doctor’s Program teaches students about volunteerism, community service, and the science of blood through the organization of community blood drives.
  • Education & Scholarships - NYBC is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the community its part of through the provision of world-class training and educational opportunities including awarding scholarships to students who demonstrate leadership in the medical community – NYBC is invested in the people and regions it serves.

Ways to Give

We truly appreciate and are thankful for any and all monetary donations.  Should you require any further resources, please contact the Office of Philanthropy team.

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